Marat - Chris Mercer Cleverness + Relevance = A+ On April...

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Chris Mercer Cleverness + Relevance = A+ On April 19 th , 2008 I was privileged with the opportunity to view Peter Weiss’ Marat/Sade . The play was held on campus at the University of Colorado’s main theatre with a cast comprised of amateur actors. Captivated by the presentation of the stage, I failed to read the dramaturge prior to the play’s beginning. Due to the busyness of the play, this left me a little confused by the end of the first act. However after reading the dramaturge during the intermission, I felt enlightened by the relevance and cleverness that was prevalent in the playwright. Upon arrival, I was taken back by the magnitude of the set design. The energy and professionalism that went into making Marat/Sade were the elements I have been yearning to witness since the beginning of the semester. With the opportunity to sit in the front row of the balcony, I was able to absorb the entire set without any obstructions in the way. Finally, the CU Theatre Department built a scene onto the stage that was not left to be interpreted by the audience’s imagination, but rather extremely detailed. The most significant portion of the set design was the stage inside the stage. The inner stage, where Sade’s play was performed, resembled a bathroom with tiled floor, a bathtub, and shower curtains as the stage’s borders. This bathroom area was where Jean-Paul Marat,
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Marat - Chris Mercer Cleverness + Relevance = A+ On April...

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