The Tiger and the Snow

The Tiger and the Snow - Benjamin Nalder Fr/It 217 April 6...

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Unformatted text preview: Benjamin Nalder Fr/It 217 April 6, 2008 The Tiger and the Snow Love struck poet Attilio has the same dream every night. He enters an old castle like church to find that a wedding is going on and he is the groom. Tom Waits plays on the piano. Standing in his underwear and his dress shoes, he sees the woman of his dreams; only to awake and realize he is yet to woo this wonderful woman. This film is the story of Attilio and his attempt to win the heart of the mysterious woman of his dreams. When he learns of her tragic accident in Baghdad, he must go to her; even if it means risking his own life to save hers. Set in the tumultuous scene of Baghdad, Attilio faces trails of all sorts in his attempt to find the much needed medicine. For those who know Roberto Benigni and his style of humor, this film does not disappoint. Much like his previous project, Life is Beautiful , this film puts a humorous twist on a serious time of war. From his simple mannerisms to his ability to find the positive in any situation, this movie is able to transform...
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