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Alex Katler Section 303 Cures on the Cob 2. Given the choice between a flavor-enhanced fruit that carried heterologous (foreign) DNA and a poor tasting “natural” fruit, which would you choose and why? I’m fairly certain that I would chose the heterologous/better tasting fruit to eat because the fruit hasn’t been modified in a way that is likely to cause harm. Flavors of all kinds, even artificial ones, have been tested for safety. If the genes that were put into the fruit made some sort of antibiotic or unknown structure I’d be more skeptical. There’s also a chance that the natural fruit could have a harmful mutation. Even if the heterologous fruit was bad for you I already eat a lot of great tasting foods that are terrible for me anyway. 3. Do you have concerns about the safety of genetically engineered foods? There are so many possible implications that genetically modified foods could have on human health, economics and other important fields that it would be somewhat negligent not to have concerns about the safety of their usage. For example, if genetically modified foods become widely distributed enough
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