Psychology response part1

Psychology response part1 - freaking out, most of the times...

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Psychology 1 PBS Frontline: Asylums CHAPTER ONE Therapy Inside a Maximum-Security Prison: It is apparent that our legal system is much more broken than we seem to think. After seeing this chapter my beliefs in that were reinforced much more. The first thing that went through my head was how these clearly mentally handicapped people would get put on trial if they didn’t know basic information about themselves, such as the first man that was questioned and didn’t know where he was from. More importantly, how would that man know how our legal system works in order to plead while on trial? I could certainly feel sympathy for these 16% of prisoners that deserve care rather than endure a living hell like one of the inmates who thought the world was trying to kill him. CHAPTER TWO Inmates in Crisis This chapter went a little more indebt on how some of these mentally ill inmates end up
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Unformatted text preview: freaking out, most of the times it involved not taking their medication. Since I started watching this video, I seriously doubted that proper care for the mentally ill can be provided by disgruntled and untrained prison guards. I was correct in my doubt when I saw how a situation with one of the prisoners, who refused directions, escalated to guards putting on riot gear and forcing him into submission. In a proper mental hospital I’m sure that seeing a refusing patient would cause the staff of said hospital to help the patient, not have six armored guards handcuff him and escort him naked to a smaller cell. As one of the guards in videos chillingly said, “extra force is necessary for mentally ill inmates.”...
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Psychology response part1 - freaking out, most of the times...

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