journals 4 - I really thought"My lover A Ballad to be an...

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I really thought “My lover: A Ballad” to be an easy and sometimes funny read. From the onset Montagu writes that she is not as cold as a stone Virgin statue. Taking a note out of “to the virgins, to make much of time” she realizes that her biological clock is ticking. This first stanza serves as a disclaimer to her audience that she is neither prude nor promiscuous. She is now free to write about her ideal man without being judged negatively by her audience. Amongst my favorite lines in this poem are two from the last stanza that read “the toasters and songsters may try all their art but never shall enter the pass of my heart.” I find it funny how confident she is in her ability to judge men. I do think she is being a little rude by stereotyping the different types of men in this poem and I doubt she ever met a man who met all the requirements set forth in her poem. Her biography does note that Montagu married for love but that her marriage eventually faltered. So even if you think you know what you want in a person, things do not always work out as planned. Wow, women really got screwed in the divorce court back in the day. According to note 1 from “Epistle from Mrs. Yonge to Her Husband” she was forced, in a public trial to, to have her private love letters read and have her husband receive the majority of her fortune. They had both committed adultery and yet the husband is the one who walks away in victory while the wife is force to walk away in shame. Montagu’s fictional take on this true life situation is full of strong language. I loved the lines “Had heaven designed us trials so severe, it would have formed our tempers them to bear.” She thought the British courts were way to harsh on women. The lines I love the most though are found at 50-51. They read “And I prefer this low inglorious state to vile dependence on the thing I hate.” I don’t know about you but that is a great comeback line to tell to an ex-
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journals 4 - I really thought"My lover A Ballad to be an...

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