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ExamI-Key - BIO 311C Dr Bushart MWF 3-4pm Exam#1 Monday...

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BIO 311C Dr. Bushart MWF 3-4pm Print Name:________________________ Exam #1 Monday September 24, 2007 General instructions : Read each question carefully and don’t hesitate to ask if a question seems unclear. Trying to select or provide an answer for every question is advantageous; you will not be penalized for guesses. The short-answer questions have specific answers, although for some, more than one answer is possible. If possible, answer each question in the space provided, but if needed, continue on the back. If you use a drawing as part of your answer, be sure to also include appropriate labeling and/or a short written explanation. To receive full credit you must clearly and fully answer the question being asked. Partial credit may be given in 0.5 point increments. This 50-minute exam is worth 100 points (the points for each section/question are noted in parentheses). Multiple choice (50 points total, 2.5 points each): There are 20 multiple choice questions designed to be completed within about 20 minutes. Select the best answer and write the CAPITAL LETTER in the blank provided to the left of the question. 1. ___D__ Why are Archaea, which have their own domain, considered to be prokaryotes? A. Archaea have the ability to grow at extreme temperatures. B. Archaea have circular chromosomes like bacteria. C. Archaea lack peptidoglycans in their cell walls. D. Archaea lack membrane-enclosed organelles. 2. ___C__ The presence of which cellular component would allow you to definitively categorize a cell as a eukaryote? A. Cytoskeleton B. Extracellular matrix C. Nucleus D. Ribosomes 3. ___A__ Structure and movement best describe the jobs of what cellular component? A. Cytoskeleton B. Extracellular matrix C. Nucleus D. Ribosomes 4. ___C__ Which statement is most accurate? A. Scientists follow a rigid scientific method. B. Descriptions of newly discovered plant species are not scientifically valuable. C. Scientific investigation is not suitable for answering all questions. D. Reductionism is no longer a useful pursuit in the era of systems biology.
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5. ___B__ Three of the four organelles listed below have a similar structural feature, which one does not have this structural feature? A. Chloroplast B. Lysosome C. Mitochondrion D. Nucleus 6.
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