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exam 2 review handout-1

exam 2 review handout-1 - ARH 301 Intro to the Visual Arts...

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ARH 301: Intro to the Visual Arts Dr. Julia Guernsey Review for Exam 2 Structure of the Exam Part 1: Slide Pairs (6 minutes) Students will have three pairs of slides, which are followed by a series of true/false and multiple choice questions about them. Each question is worth 2 points, for 30 total points. Part 2: Short Answers (16 minutes) 2 short answer questions – one with a set of slides to work from, one with no images. 15 points for each question (30 total points). Part 3: Essay (18 minutes) One essay question, 20 points. Part 4: Multiple Choice, True/False, and 1 Matching (10 minutes) 2 points each, 10 total questions 20 total points. Short answer and essay questions should be written in complete sentences. The essay question should be organized into paragraph form – each paragraph should have a thesis statement (or main point, clearly written) followed by supporting evidence. Above average essays will have an overarching argument, marked by the introduction and conclusion and supported by the
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