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ARH 301 Introduction to the Visual Arts Guernsey Spring 2008 List of terms and images for Part II: The Western Tradition: Architecture, Sculpture, and Painting TERMS : These are the terms from Part II of this course for which you are responsible on the second exam. Contrapposto Naos Pediment Doric Ionic Capital Entasis Amphitheater Coffers Oculus Fresco Illusionism Renaissance Humanism Linear perspective Atmospheric perspective Baroque Triptych Chiaroscuro Counter Reformation Realism Positivism Impressionism Post-Impressionism Primary colors Secondary colors Complementary colors IMAGES : Below is a list of the images from Part II of this course for which you will be responsible on the second exam. The number in front of the entry refers to the corresponding image number in your book. All images appear in the book. 3.61 Archaic style Kouros, Anavysos, Greece, c. 520 BCE 3.66 Polykleitos, Doryphoros (Spear Carrier) , c. 450 BCE 3.68 Diagram of Greek Orders 3.71 to 3.76 Parthenon, Acropolis, Athens, 447-438 BCE
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