November 15

November 15 - Rise of Universities Paris vs. Bologna...

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Rise of Universities Paris vs. Bologna Concept of the University - Different from schools before - Forms of higher education existed o However, they were centered around a specific teacher—not necessarily a course of studies that was laid out. - University: Series of a prescribed course of studies that will lead to a degree. - University was, in essence, known as “Studium Generale” o A course of studies that draws individuals from all over. - There were general schools prior to Universities. o After all, people had to learn to read and Kings did have a thing for education. - Schools tended to teach what the master was specialized in before the rise of the Studium Generale Universities. - Gerbert o Not wealthy, but definitely a man who wished to be learned o Went so far as the Iberian Peninsula, where he encountered the Islamic scholars. o Ended up being a very influential teacher, teaching all 7 liberal arts of the time - Peter Abelard o Influenced by a teacher o Renounced his inheritance and became a Cleric that was devoted to study o Reached a point where he had grown out of his teacher—his teacher did not have anymore to teach him. So he moved to Paris instead. o As a Cleric, he cannot be married—must be celibate. However, he finds lust in a bishop’s niece. They had agreed to keep the eventual marriage secret due to him being a Cleric, but the bishop sought revenge since Abelard had deceived him into ‘tutoring’ his niece. Abelard sends his wife to a convent because the bishop wasn’t going to keep it secret…the marriage. Bishop found it as Abelard attempting to squirm out of the marriage…so he castrated Abelard.
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i. Rise of the Universities a. Paris and Bologna i. Basis for the models of universities  a. Idea of the University  i. Forms of higher education in ancient world--> Socrates and Aristotle-->  schools were centered around a specific teacher and not necessarily a  course of study that were set out and did not grant a degree 1. Chinese Imperial civil service had schools that trained civil  servants--> specialized school that was not degree based but  rather job based i. Defined as series of prescribed courses proceeding through stages  1.
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November 15 - Rise of Universities Paris vs. Bologna...

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