November 3

November 3 - Begin to see that the French monarchy and the...

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Begin to see that the French monarchy and the French court around the king is strengthening within France. - Henry II is a figure of fear and power - French nobles, who used to do whatever they wished, dare not now with Henry II in control o In essence, they all defer to the monarchy on matters of law and judgment. o Many strata in French society seek royal support for whatever they are interested in. - Population is comfortable because: o Even though Louis VII wasn’t very bright, they all regarded him as fair and just—people were able to rely upon him. Under his rule it was a revival and strengthening of the French monarch. o Louis is succeeded by Philip Augustus II. - Philip Augustus II’s reign o Insisted upon an active role with every right and prerogative given to him. o Philip is extremely critical of the Angevin Empire In essence, he consumes the Angevin empire into the French empire. o Shift of the Holy Roman Emperor being the most powerful ruler of Europe to the King of France being the most influential and powerful. o Philip rules the whole of the Kingdom in many ways: Many people who were once in control of the King, who became independent, are now part of the King’s control again (i.e., the courts) “Baillis” – Bailiffs Part of the administration of the Shires in England—but in France, they are completely different Distinct French phenomenon—soury officials of the King who are appointed, in this instance, by Philip Augustus II who are given military and judicial power. Problem with them is that they are royals who wish to do whatever they want—King cannot do anything about that, though, because they are the top of the landed aristocracy with wealth. o
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November 3 - Begin to see that the French monarchy and the...

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