November 13

November 13 - Scholasticism – - “Application of reason...

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Scholasticism – - “Application of reason to the Christian faith.” o Complex though, not as simple as that. - Foundation, rooted from the Bible - Translations come into play… - Islam and Jewish Scholasticism also matter o Derived from the fact that they dealt with the same problems that Christianity dealt with: How do you understand your faith? Understand the proper relationship between one’s faith and reason - Tertellion o Athens and Jerusalem as representatives of Christian religion have nothing in common Business of faith is sufficient—reason is unneeded. - Peter Damian o Same mind as Tertellion: faith alone is necessary o Dialectic is of the devil o Makes pun: God have mercy on the souls of those monks that reject Regula (Rules of St. Benedict) and that follow Reguli (rules of Heretic Donatus—logic/logical disputation). - People of the middle ages reject the extremes—both faith and reason are appropriate and necessary. o
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November 13 - Scholasticism – - “Application of reason...

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