Gov Notes for Midterm#2

Gov Notes for Midterm#2 - Government Lecture 10 GOV 312L...

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Unformatted text preview: Government Lecture 10 GOV 312L 10-09-07 The American Experience Video on FDR Narrated by David McCollum FDR is so influential down to the present moment America became the most productive industrial and military power in history during this time Atomic Bomb Defeat of Fascism Social Security The place FDR holds in history has served to keep him remote and not quite human According to Truman, the trouble with FDR was that he lied. FDR was a highly adept president, and we like people who are good at what we do. The only time FDR worried about his ability was the night he was elected president , according to his son March 2, 1933 FDR’s greatest strength seemed to be his charm “The Grandest Job in the World” Over 70 years before, Lincoln had traveled by train to his inauguration Roosevelt would have to now face the nation’s greatest crisis since the civil war 14 million were out of work, 9 million had lost their life savings It was a tremendously depressing time; many thought that the country was going to disintegrate At his train pulled into Washington, no one knew what to expect from the man who had promised a new deal , but everyone was looking for a solution If the new deal was to be a success, a friend told Roosevelt, he would be remembered as the greatest American President. If he failed, he would be remembered as the last. Inauguration began at Episcopal Church with hymns selected by Roosevelt Roosevelt wanted to pray, and he wanted everyone to pray for him On Hoover’s last morning, he said that we are at the end of our string, and that there is nothing more we can do Hoover detested FDR, thinking him to be an opportunist who would only make things worse They DID NOT get along. They rode in the car together at the ceremony, and Hoover was dead silent, despite Roosevelt’s many attempts to talk. FDR resorted to waving to the crowds. The day was very solemn; the crowds were tremendous and the people wanted to be told what to do. Roosevelt appeared to be walking as he made his way to the podium. This was an illusion that had taken him years to perfect. He was actually gripping his son’s arm and using his powerful upper body strength. FDR’s voice was so full of courage and confidence that it inspired the public . He made clear to the country that there was really nothing to fear except for the fear in ones own heart. The country was so excited that they had a leader in the White House that he could have suggested anything, and the people would have followed Near ½ a million people wrote to FDR asking for help.Near ½ a million people wrote to FDR asking for help....
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Gov Notes for Midterm#2 - Government Lecture 10 GOV 312L...

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