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Short Exercise 7 - need to keep them as your property....

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Mickey Green April 10, 2008 Short Exercise #7 In this primary source by Harriett Jacobs, the document refers to her life as a  slave girl.  These events happened in 1861, and she recorded the documents for the   general public to attack slavery and gain outside sympathy for her support of   abolitionism. Harriet Jacobs mentions that her grandmother was freed, but was then sold back  into slavery when captured.  This furthers the plight of the abolitionists because freed  slaves are not getting the documented papers they need to stay free.  She mentions  that her father was a skilled carpenter and would be sent to construct buildings.  This is  an attack against slavery because if slaves were good at jobs, then there would be no 
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Unformatted text preview: need to keep them as your property. Jacobs describes Mr. Litch as a wealthy man, but also a man is has the government corrupted. She says that he can get away with his crimes, such as murder, and not be charged because of his wealth. This is an attack against the law of slavery because innocent slaves may be murdered without any repercussions. To fully understand what Harriet Jacobs witnessed as a slave girl, one would have to read the entire book. But from looking at several chapters, one can see that from her point of view, there are several attacks on slavery, and that she tried to gain support for abolitionism and herself....
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