Project 1 - Part C

Project 1 - Part C - Mickey Green msg Project #1 Part C...

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Mickey Green msg Project #1 Part C H180 Section 8480 During the twelve day period I di the exercise for Project #1, I encountered several techniques of practicing breathing. I found out that a person could do breathing several different ways and that both of these ways was helpful for the human body. The first breathing exercise that I did was the deep breathing exercise. To do this exercise, I would concentrate on my breathing and try to keep my breathing calm and steady. The second breathing exercise that I performed was the restful breathing exercise. The restful breathing exercise was practiced in a sitting up on laying down position. I was supposed to breathe either with my abdominal muscles or my upper chest section. These two exercises taught me that I can watch how I breathe and how I can monitor my breathing to keep myself calm, steady, and collect. The first exercise, which was the deep breathing exercise, was the easier one of the two exercises to do. It did not require much preparing and there was no specific way that I had to be sitting. The deep breathing exercise was hard at first, but towards the end, it became easier. The techniques that the deep breathing exercise taught me were the most helpful. They were helpful because I was able to concentrate on my breathing, which allowed me to monitor my stress level. Another technique that helped me was
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Project 1 - Part C - Mickey Green msg Project #1 Part C...

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