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Short Exercise 5

Short Exercise 5 - the man and the woman at the same point...

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Mickey Green March 18, 2008 Short Exercise 5 These are primary sources because they are written in the time period but  not about a particular person in question.  These articles are referring to the  change of duties and rights for woman as wives in a twenty-year span.  The  Virginia Gazette  and the  Weekly Museum  were the two papers that published  these articles.   The articles show change of duties and the rights as a wife  between 1773 and 1793. The duties of a wife in 1773 are different of that of a woman in 1793.  In  1773, a woman was not allowed to do anything that would make her husband  unhappy.  She was only allowed to pleasure and make sure the husband was  looked after and shown tenderness.  Even though the woman was allowed to  have a miniscule amount of pleasure, that pleasure had to be enjoyed by both 
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Unformatted text preview: the man and the woman at the same point of time. The woman had to care for the family and the husband’s well-being. She had to make sure that they did not go hungry and that they were not dissatisfied. The rights of a wife in 1773 changed in 1793. However, some of women’s rights did not change from the previous twenty years. A woman had the right to choose her own husband when she was ready to have a relationship. She had the right to show her temper, but to become quiet when the situation became too heated. The women of the time had the right to also take part in the family’s financial business. As part of being a woman, she was allowed to take the female side of the family and disperse the chores and duties as she saw fit....
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Short Exercise 5 - the man and the woman at the same point...

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