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Philosophy notecard - Sociological View- Acion X if right...

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Sociological View- Acion X if right iff most people approve of it. “Most people” – Where? How much is most? Egoistic View- Action X is right iff X is in the agents own best interests. Emily Grimke – Early Abolitionist- Getting slave owners to realize that owning slaves is not in their best interest . Cultural Relativism- the principle that one's beliefs and activities should be interpreted in terms of one's own culture . Cultural Relativism is a philosophy that believes that when it comes to matters of right and wrong, and other values of a moral nature, that there are no absolutes, or any fixed truth, but rather that all is relative. Economic Man- Human beings are consumers and will organize their life to consume as much as possible while using the least amount. -Everyone always wants more consumption -Indifferent to the welfare of others -Rational calculator of most consumption of the least labor Ultimate good that’s not a complete good? -Aristotle’s View- any activity that’s preformed for their own sake (intrinsic good) -Locke’s View- leave others their space – not clear about any intrinsic goods. -One complete good- Happiness - always intrinsic and never instrumental Aristotle’s Views on Happiness: 3Views: -Pleasure or gratification -Action in public sphere – politics/war –Study --Child cannot be happy because they haven’t developed virtues yet -Doesn’t think a slave is unhappy because he is being prosecuted, but because he is unable to develop virtues -Ethical knowledge is not exact -Happiness is a complete good, only complete good.
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Philosophy notecard - Sociological View- Acion X if right...

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