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Where Is the Love? The song, “Where Is the Love?” by the Black Eyed Peas featuring Justin Timberlake is a strong anti-war political statement. It represents many important issues in my life and the lives of others, such as war, racism, terrorism, intolerance, and greed. The song’s powerful lyrics create a positive message that encourages people to be concerned with where the world is going. The song’s goal is to promote pacifism and love. This is evident throughout the song, with lines like “You gotta have love just to set it straight” and “Let your soul gravitate to the love.” The song discusses the evils of mankind, such as discrimination and corruption, pointing out that the world is going in the wrong direction. The Black Eyed Peas urge their listeners to have understanding and tolerance by promoting unity and love. The song uses imagery to convey the brutality of war. The lyrics often describe people and especially young children dying and suffering
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Unformatted text preview: because of war. Many people believe this song is a specific proclamation against the war in Iraq because it was released shortly after the invasion. In addition to being a political statement, this song is also a plea. Timberlake sings, “Father Father Father help us/Send some guidance from above/Cause people got me got me questioning/Where is the love?” pleading not only with God, but with us. By spreading awareness of worldwide issues, this song urges us to become better people. In addition to being relevant to many worldwide issues, the song itself is a masterpiece. The chorus is one of the catchiest I have ever heard, and it’s delivered brilliantly by Timberlake’s smooth falsetto. The songwriting is clever and emotionally captivating, and the performance is dramatic and passionate. “Where Is the Love?” is not only the Black Eyed Peas finest song, it is a timeless classic....
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