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Unformatted text preview: EE 450: Introduction to Computer Networks Recommended Textbooks Computer Networks by Peterson Data & Computer Communication by Stallings Computer Networks by Tannenbaum Brief Syllabus Communications networks and services, classifications of networks, performance measures such as Throughput and Delay. The public Internet and PSTN. Convergence of services. Networking topologies. Network layered architecture, protocols and interfaces. OSI model, TCP/IP model, two- and three-tier client-server models, peer-process communications Data communications: Analog and digital signaling, sampling theorem, data and signaling rates, modems, time division and statistical multiplexing, link capacity, transmission media, line coding. Link layer Procedures: Error detection and control, flow control, sliding window procedures. Examples of link protocols including PPP and HDLC. Local Area Networks: Ethernet, Token rings and wireless LANs. Media access control procedures, CSMA/CD, Token Passing and CSMA/CA. Shared vs. switched LANs. LAN hardware and software components. LAN performance analysis TCP/IP and the Internet: The Internet Protocol, packet format, IP addressing and subnetting, fragmentation and re-assembly, address resolution protocol, routing and forwarding tables, routing algorithms (RIP, OSPF and BGP), transport layer protocols, TCP and UDP, connection establishment, end-to-end flow and error control procedures, advertised windows, slow-start, long-fat networks, congestion control, port and socket addressing, etc ...
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