Music 165 - Intro Rural and Urban Blues &...

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Unformatted text preview: Intro Rural and Urban Blues & Anglo-American Folk Music 09/01/2008 18:58:00 Final exam: April 25 at 9 am Does Popular Music Belong in The Academy? Pop music is largely the music of youth The association of popular music of your youth creates a long lasting relationship between the two Ephemeral, music of youth, need to get historical distance to get real value Interested in the particular styles that make rock music o The particular styles that contributed specifically to the creation of rock music Two Biggest Influences on Rock Music: Neither is more important than the other when talking about the genre in general One can be predominant over the other with particular artists, albums, or songs. When people started talking seriously about jazz, contributions of African American musicians were seriously undervalued. African American Blues Rural vs Urban Solo vs Ensemble Free Rhythm vs Strict meter Pentatonic Scale = The five black notes. When used in blues, it is rearranged. It is a different type of scale from the Anglo-American tradition. o Blue Notes = Unstable in terms of pitch. If they are played on an instrument where you can vary the pitch, or voice, those notes are often bent a little bit. They have a lack of stability. Can be used as a creative expression. Descending Phrase Emerges from cruel and inhumane conditions (slavery, reconstruction in the south) Song usually from a single focal point of the performance. In slavery it was an attempt to destroy history and identity Blues is a way to put a stamp on the suppressed identity. Characteristics o Melody line descends o When the others respond sometimes the soloist looses patience and begins the new phrase before the response is over. o It is a musical gesture that links us to the beginning of the new phrase. o Elision = A gesture at the end of one phrase and the beginning of a new one. It continues the forward momentum. o The response can sometimes be spoken, not sung. It is a creative gesture. Urban o More players (more instruments because it had to be louder) o Electronic amplification o A Direct response to the social situation for the rise of dancing o Therefore, the ensemble had to be more strict rhythmically. o Lay down the beat so the dancers can keep up o The response is played with music. It has become a dialogue between singer and guitar. o Ostinato = a short musical gesture that is repeated over and over again....
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Music 165 - Intro Rural and Urban Blues &...

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