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internet connections - Do I Know You? The internet is one...

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Do I Know You? The internet is one of the most popular inventions in modern technology. It gives everyone easy access to many resources that would normally take hours to achieve. The internet is being used at a higher rate these days than ever before. The biggest accomplishment to some is that the internet has allowed people to strengthen social connections and build relationships. I disagree with this assumption. The internet has decreased face-to-face communication which could affect other aspects of people’s lives. If someone spent most of their time online talking to someone, that lack of face-to-face communication could ultimately affect their public speaking and their confidence speaking in front of people. Some other affected areas could be their health as well as their ability to improve grammar and punctuation. An online virtual community called Cybertown is one of the most popular places on the internet. It is similar to a real life city except for the fact that it takes place online. It contains all the necessary items in a real city that someone would need to survive as well as social interaction between people. Many people have met husbands, wives, best friends, etc through this virtual community. In Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Science, Technology and Society , Denise Carter states, “Close relationships in Cybertown demand that trust be mutual, otherwise the friendship breaks down” (Easton 290). What I would like to know is, how can you trust someone when you don’t know if they are telling the truth? You could be talking to a five foot brown haired person, yet they could tell you that they are six feet tall with blonde hair. In my opinion, there is too much left to the imagination with Cybertown. To be face-to-face with someone, it is much harder for them to lie to you without giving off some type of hint that what they are saying is not true. Online, someone could make up all the lies they want and you would have no way to disprove it
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internet connections - Do I Know You? The internet is one...

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