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Assignment 4. Sociology 205. Population Pyramids and Friends Due on December 4 th at 5:10 pm (early papers cheerfully accepted) Assignments should be typed.(Please put your last name in large letters on the front of the folder—this will make it easier to hand back after they are graded.) You may consult each other or me about the assignments. You may either turn in your assignment alone or with one other person. If you work with another person, you both turn in the same assignment and receive the same grade. 1. Go to the following website: For the Countries of the United State and Sudan: a) print out the population pyramids and explain, briefly the general trends that they demonstrate (what do the shapes of the pyramids indicate?) Be sure to examine the sex
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Unformatted text preview: ratio. b) Make a table that compares for the two countries: (so this will be a two by three table) Life Expectancy Infant deaths (per 1,000) Total fertility rate (per woman) 2. Write down 10 friends names (in any order) and give them numbers from one to ten. Using select one of these friends. Ask the friend chosen the following: Please write down (in no special order) the first names of ten of your friends. After the person has listed the friends, collect information on these diffuse status characteristics for each friend: Age, Sex Category, Race/Ethnicity. Then discuss the list in terms of homophily. Does it seem that there is a great deal of variation in the friendship network or that there is quite a bit of similarity? Explain....
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