10. Bureaucracy

10. Bureaucracy - • Why Another Characteristic •...

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10. Bureaucracy Groups Up to now, we have talked about groups that are basically informal (not having a set of rules specifying different positions, etc.) Many groups have some kind of specified organization and we will be talking about such groups--examples include school systems, universities, companies, non-profit groups, etc.) Bureaucracy Bureaucracies have several defining characteristics: 1. Division of Labor A. Different people/groups have different jobs B. Interdependence of different groups Max Weber and Bureaucracy The sociologist most identified with studies of bureaucracy is Max Weber Weber discussed the idea that bureaucracies were designed to be more efficient than other kinds of groups And often they are But, there is also a catch--people often react against the impartiality of bureaucracies
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Unformatted text preview: • Why? Another Characteristic • In-class demonstration U-Curve of Information Results of the characteristics of bureaucracies • How does diffusion of responsibility apply? – A. Division of labor • 1) could lessen diffusion of responsibility--how? • 2) could lead to more diffusion of responsibility-how? • 3) additional issue related to coordination problems Results of Characteristics of Bureaucracies – B. Large size – C. Hierarchy of Command • 1) Not my job Preventing diffusion of responsibility in bureaucracies • How could bureaucracies be built so that diffusion of responsibility is prevented? • And--are there any instances in which you would want to diffuse responsibility?...
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10. Bureaucracy - • Why Another Characteristic •...

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