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Focus Points Sociology 205, Test #1 Be familiar with the following terms or phrases (and how the reading applies to them): Intersubjectivity (both analytical and empirical) sacred vs profane Falsification (both analytical and empirical) free-rider problem Replication (both analytical and empirical) diffusion of responsibility Deduction sociology Induction bureaucracy Scope conditions U-Curve Ceteris paribus theory propositions rumor Exact class terms (or theoretical terms) Generalization Ordinary language terms (or empirical terms) group Ampliative and nonampliative Population (empirical and theoretical) Random sampling Random assignment Precontractual solidarity Social dilemma Pay off matrix Zero sum Pure cooperation Mixed motive Be able to: 1. Discuss and apply the guidelines of science; 2. Evaluate whether a proposed study meets or doesn’t meet the scientific requirements; 3. Identify deductive and inductive arguments; 4. Discuss the differences between deduction and induction; 5. Discuss how theories are different from common sense;
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Discuss the characteristics of experiments and the purposes of experiments; 7. Explain different kinds of sociological studies; 8. Discuss different kinds of generalization processes; 10. Discuss the difference between theory and common sense; 11. Discuss Goulds case studies involved in some of the brain studies; 12. Discuss factors affecting group formation; 13. Discuss incentive structures; 14. Discuss conditions under which panic is more or less likely; 15. Discuss conditions under which helping behavior is more or less likely; 16. Discuss conditions under which social dilemmas are more likely to be solved; 17. Explain and discuss what all religions have in common; 18. Explain how the type of society seems to affect the type of god; 19. Explain the characteristics of bureaucracies and how those characteristics affect individuals and groups behavior....
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