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focus207Focus Points for Test 2

focus207Focus Points for Test 2 - Focus Points Sociology...

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Focus Points, Sociology 205, Test #2 Be familiar with the following terms: Classical conditioning Little Emperors Operant learning Kyoiku Mamas Reinforcement (positive and negative) Freudian stages of development Punishment (positive and negative) identification with the aggressor Stimulus discrimination and generalization fixation Generalization gradient regression Nattering projection Time out displacement Social learning repression Vicarious reinforcement reaction formation Vicarious punishment Id Self Ego Looking glass self Superego I self-fulfilling prophecy Me covert rehearsal Definition of the Situation subculture Status counterculture Role ethnocentrism Norm blaming the victim Conformity juvenile delinquency Nonconformity “school to work” programs (Kozol Deviance Brown vs. Board of Education Labeling Be able to : 1. Apply different principles of learning and differentiate among these principles; 2. Analyze settings from the perspective of symbolic interaction; 3. Discuss various functions of education; 4. Discuss various views on tracking in school systems;
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