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1. Explain what led to the Pendelton Act of 1883 and the changes in civil service that followed. -The Pendleton Act questioned the practice of nonpolitical appointments, embraced egalitarianism, and recognized competence, as determined by the competitive examinations related to duties performed. 2. Explain the issues surrounding comparable worth. 3. Explain the five challenges to recruiting and retaining employees in government service. 4. Explain why unionism expanded in the public sector, but contracted in the private
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Unformatted text preview: sector between 1960-1975. 5. Explain the four impasse procedures and the potential outcomes of concerted job action. 6. Explain the five limitations identified with the literature on leadership. 7. In general explain Gilligan, Chodorow, and Baker’s theory on the differences between sexes and specifically the leadership differences between men and women. 8. Define formal and informal communication and explain two advantages and disadvantages with each....
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