Chapter 1 - it. It is not funding it effectively. Congress...

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Chapter 1 Teaching in a changing world Today’s teachers o Importance to society Prepare next generation Change lives To teach is to touch a life forever. Role model o The public view of teachers in society Valued most Least rewarded o Who Teaches? Where do they come from? Everyone Anywhere All over College grades Retired professionals o Profile of U.S. teachers Primarily white females especially elementary Men make up 45% of Administration Average age is 37 years old o Remain in teaching 3-5 years Lack of pay
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Long hours Bad working conditions o Teachers needed o Teachers supply and demand o Teaching profession 1 st Cambridge English 1480’s o Professional Knowledge Should be knowledge in subject o Professional Skills Must have skills o Standards o No Child left behind It is not as bad as people make it out to be. But because Congress will not support
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Unformatted text preview: it. It is not funding it effectively. Congress is behind 230 million dollars o Quality Assurance o Accreditation NCATE – they say yes this is a quality Educational institution and will produce qualified teachers. o Licensure o Professional responsibility To be responsible for your teaching and ability to help. Developing professional commitments and dispositions • Things people expect from teachers o Approachable o Able to communicate o Attention to students o Lots more… obviously…. • Challenges affecting teachers. o Salary We ended around here but he didn’t finish challenges. So I’m sure there’s more… like dealing with the parentals. Oh YAY! Haha If you have any questions or anything… you know where I am… Esther...
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Chapter 1 - it. It is not funding it effectively. Congress...

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