GEOLOGY 108 final_EXAM

GEOLOGY 108 final_EXAM - Exam 2 1. The...

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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon Exam 2 1. The outer earth is divided into a number of separate plates which are in motion with respect to eachother. Which one of the following statements about plates is not correct? A. Plates characteristically contain both crust and mantle rocks. B. not all continent ocean boundaries are plate boundaries C. two plates in contact with eachother can both be oceanic plates; D the base of lithosperic plates in the mantle is tempature controlled. E. all plate boundaries either increase the earth’s surface ares or decrease it. 2. Which one of the following chemical elements does not rank in the top 3 elements making up the composition of the earth’s crust by weight? A. iron B. oxygen C. silicon D. aluminum. 3. Volcanoes have different degrees of explosiveness in their eruptions. Which of the following is the correct sequence from most explosice to least explosive? D. Plugdomes, stratovolcanoes, shield. 4. The explosiveness of Volcanoes is directly related to all of the following characteristics of its magmas, except one. Which one is NOT a factor in explaining colvanic eruption explosivness? A. the temperature of the magma B. the Silica content of the magma C. The iron and magnesium content of the magma D. The gas content of the magma. 5. Which of the following is not a part of the Hydrologic Cycle? A evaporation B. transformation C. Condensation D. Precipitation E. Infiltration. 6. Three of the following four terms are related to the same phenomenon. Which one is not? A. Infiltration B. percolation C. soak in D. Transpiration. 7. CaCO3 is A Calcium Carbonate B. Calcite C. Marble D. Limestone E. all of the above. 8. Silicon dioxide is: A. quartz B. SiO2 C. Caliche D. a and b E. a and c 9. The leaching of soluble materials out of soils and weathered source rocks is an important process of soil development. In which of the following types of soils is the leaching process least? A. Pedalfers
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GEOLOGY 108 final_EXAM - Exam 2 1. The...

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