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Briana Green Biology 121 D Extra Credit April 26, 2008 Poster Session- Kate Ahlers (Breast Cancer Research) - At this poster session she talked about how B-Cata became evident after PMA activation. PMA helps to flatten individual cells to be more epithelial cells that are grouped together. PDK is protein she also talked about in here presentation. 1st Speaker Kyle Mickalowski (Vulva Cancer) - The research Kyle presented on was Vulvarian Cancer. He talked about the symptoms and stages of Vulvarian Cancer and he also talked about how this cancer is treated by different types of surgeries. He discussed his research he did under Dr. _____ and how through the patient over the last eight years the number of Vulvarian cases has almost doubled and how the women are a lot younger now then ten years ago. Kyle did a very well job presenting and I feel I learned a lot from his presentation. 2 nd Speaker Nick (Decision Making Concerning Ethnics) - This by far the most confusing session I went to. His presentation talked about
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