Strike Slows France to a Crawl

Strike Slows France to a Crawl - this includes skipping...

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Strike Slows France to a Crawl. President Nicolas Sarkozy of France had been planning to take away labor protections which he thinks hurts its economy’s competitiveness. Because of this, transportation workers shut down most trains in Paris on Wednesday, November 14 th in protest. This is causing many Parisians to find their own means of transportation, from skating, walking, or riding their bikes. As the days of the strikes continue, the President has asked the workers to enter into talks to resolve the issue. Many feel the strike must end as soon as possible for the wellbeing of the country. As a result, the President obviously wants to settle the dispute as soon as possible, which is a trademark characteristic of his political leadership style; oftentimes
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Unformatted text preview: this includes skipping over other obstacles. Although the president wants to solve the problem, he is not willing to give labor protection to the workers, something he believes is old fashioned. Out of all the 700 trains in Paris, only 90 were working on Wednesday. The Eurostar, which runs between England and France, is owned by a separate company, and was not impacted. President Sarkozy is willing to give some extra benefits to those that work the transit in France, but other workers, such as those that work in utility and opera houses will not be given the same benefits. The strike however is not permanent; each day the workers vote on whether to continue with the strike or to go back to work....
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