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GOV 335N Lecture Notes 1-15-2008

GOV 335N Lecture Notes 1-15-2008 - Theme I State Diversity...

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Class 1 January 15, 2008 GOV 335N: State Politics and Public Policy State Governments are generally under-appreciated and important parts of American Politics. Lecture outlines are on Blackboard. Look them over before you come to class. Lecture outlines really important because of the key terms at the bottom. Look over lecture outlines and key terms before doing any of the readings. Exam style. Blue Book exams. Writing based. Looking for critical thinking and writing skills. Exam 3 parts: 1. Multiple Choice – from lecture and reading. 2. Identification – what the term means and explain why it is important. Of all of the things that could have been discussed why was this key term chosen. 3. Short Essays – Broader and more thematic questions.
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Unformatted text preview: Theme I: State Diversity 1. Demographic, economic, and political diversity. 2. Do these differences make a difference? 3. Political scientists use the comparative method to examine the relationship between these differences and political outcomes. Theme II: State Revitalization 1. States as policy laboratories that have taken on greater policy responsibilities. a. Ex. Welfare reform 2. Changes in state political institutions that try to give state government the resources they need to be more effective. a. Legislative resurgence Theme III: Texas Is Different 1. Political institutions a. Less professional legislature. b. Weaker governor. c. Judges elected in partisan elections. 2. Policy outcomes...
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GOV 335N Lecture Notes 1-15-2008 - Theme I State Diversity...

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