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GOV 335N Lecture Notes Class #2 (1-17-2008)

GOV 335N Lecture Notes Class #2 (1-17-2008) - STATE...

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January 17, 2008 STATE CONSTITUTIONS 1. An overview of state constitutions. 2. Methods of constitutional change. 3. The 1876 Texas Constitution. 4. Criticisms of the 1876 Texas Constitution. 5. Amending the Texas Constitution. REMINDER: NO CLASS ON TUESDAY Fundamental Characteristics State constitutions look different from the U.S. Constitutions. Longer – Generally much longer. The average state constitutions (3 times longer) 26,000 words. Texas and Alabama have the longest 90,000+ words. Less Flexible More Frequently Amended Positive-law Tradition – Spells out the roles and responsibilities in great detail. Why are they like this? Because the contain quite a bit of trivial information. Key Terms A statutory constitution incorporates detailed provisions in order to limit the powers of the government. Most state constitutions fall under this category. A liberal constitution includes the basic structure of government and allows the legislature to provide the details. The U.S. Constitutions falls under this definition.
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