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Final Exam Review Sheet ctcs 191

Final Exam Review Sheet ctcs 191 - Final Exam Review Sheet...

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Final Exam Review Sheet Your final exam will be on Monday, December 17th at 11 a.m. During the exam you will be asked to answer six identifications and five short essay questions —all of which will be taken directly from the list of questions below. In studying for this exam, try to construct answers that are multi-dimensional, taking into account the various layers of meaning that we have discussed in this class (i.e. aesthetic, narrative structural, ideological, etc.). Your answers should reflect a thorough understanding of lecture, reading, and screening materials and you should be able to incorporate specifics from these sources, instead of just speaking generally about the topics, since you have a week to prepare your answers. Good luck! Identifications 1) Digital Onscreen Graphics 2) Branding a)As discussed in Sandlers article i) The business of branding a network to appeal to a certain demographic ii) Has turned original animation series into hip programming iii) Develop a relationship with consumers so that they will remain faithful no matter what iv) Desire for synergy has made branding a common practice (1) Synergy is the internally coordinated cross-promotion and cross- selling of a networks media properties b) Branding Strategies i) Cross promoting ii) Remaking familiar characters to be hip iii) Cartoon Network appeals to all demographics iv) Brand extensions 3) Primetime Access Rule a)PTAR was established along with Fin Syn in the early seventies i) Prohibited network affiliated television stations from broadcasting more than three hours of network or “off network” (rerun) programes during the four hour Primetime Block, devoting that time to local or independent programming 4) Auteur Theory a)Suggests that ideas of the director or creator of a show are present in said show b) Auteur imports i) Bringing Hollywood directors or their ideas in as television ii) Most directors fail when brought into television iii) Auteur imports are aesthetic badges and trophies of distinction iv) Networks get a visionary aura of artistry and aesthetic challenge that they can at least toy with until the shows cancellation (1) As compared to other mundane “quality” programming 5) (FCC) Blue Book a) An FCC 1946 report on Public Service Responsibility for Broadcast Licenses
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i) Nicknamed the Blue Book b) Reminded radio and television broadcasters of their commitment to public service c)Provoked some changes in networks programming i) Began to include more documentaries and political programs in their schedules 6) Zero Degree Television a)As seen with the unadorned set used in America: a Tribute 7) Videographic 8) “It’s not TV it’s HBO” a)Marketing strategy by HBO i) An attempt at creating quality tv ii) Holds that HBO is something different iii) Offers aesthetic conventions such as (1) Irony (2) Character complexity (3) Realistic depiction of extreme behaviors b) This is effective when looking at the old “mass appeal” model but not today with
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Final Exam Review Sheet ctcs 191 - Final Exam Review Sheet...

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