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Golden Arches Reading Outline - GOLDEN ARCHES EAST...

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GOLDEN ARCHES EAST 1 Introduction a. A big mac, fries and coke are not foreign anymore b. over 30 million served at 20,000 McD’s in over 100 countries c. in 1995 McD’s grossed 30 million in sales and 14 million were from out of the country d. a new McD’s opens somewhere every 3 hours e. from 1990 to 1995 6,500 new McD’s were opened worldwide i. 2,800 in US ii. 700 in Japan iii. From only 1 to 62 in China iv. 333 in other East Asia countries f. Chinese Media could hardly hold back their praises for McD’s i. during the first three years of operation in the People’s Republic the company was celebrated as the model for modernization, sanitation, and responsible management g. Chinese political leaders expressed alarm towards american fast food chains h. argues that McDonaldization has taken place across the globe, even into the seemingly impervious institutions and parts of this world i. “eating at the golden arches is a total experience” i. takes people out of their daily lives and provides a hot meal, separating the consumer from the cooking and preparation j. it appears that McD’s is an intrusive force, undermining the integrity of East Asian Cuisine i. as it loses its exotic appeal, it becomes localized and accepted k. the process of localization i. it correlates closely with the maturation of a generation of local people who grew up eating at the Golden Arches ii. by the time the children of these orignial consumers enter the scene, McD’s is no longer perceived as a foreign enterprise. iii. for children it represents fun, familiarity, and a place where they can choose their own food, something that isnt permitted at home. l. McD’s symbolizes different things to different people at different times of their lives i. Predictability, safety, modernity, culinary tourism, and “connectedness” to the world beyond ii. he concludes saying that its plausible that their primary product is the experience itself. Chapter 1: McDonald’s in Beijing: The Localization of Americana On April 23, 1992: o Largest McDonald’s restaurant in the world opened in Beijing.
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o 700 seats, 29 cash registers o 40000 customers on the first day Since then, McDonald’s „Golden Arches“ appeared frequently on TV; more and more McDonald’s restaurants (by 1996 there were 29 in Beijing) China has a new tendency to absorb foreign culture 1) The Big May as a Symbol of Americana eating in a foreign restaurant is unusual they call this development (from Tu to Yang) (from rustic and backwards to anything foreign and western) McDonald’s became a symbol of a new era, representing America and modernization McDonald’s characteristics: scientific management, atmosphere of equality and democracy, warmth and friendliness This is the so called American business philosophy or QSC&V (Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value) The idea that McDonald’s provides healthy food has been widely accepted by media and the public. There is an appetite for anything foreign because of its symbolism
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Golden Arches Reading Outline - GOLDEN ARCHES EAST...

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