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“The Nines” – John August (writer/director) John August’s Bio/USC Legacy Graduated with a Masters from USC Stark Screenwriting School…got an internship, wrote a script… Guest at USC 7 times, and took the class as a student Considers himself primarily a screenwriter, because you can write 4 scripts a year but only make one movie First screenplays: “How to Eat Fried Worms”/ “A Wrinkle In Time”…worried about becoming typecast as “the children’s book guy”, so he write “Go” (1999), which showed well at Sundance and became his breakout movie. (After the success of “Go”, on which he was also the 2 nd unit director, he began to feel comfortable directing and he subsequently directed his first short film, entitled “God” and starring Melissa McCarthy in the same role that she reprised in “The Nines”) He HATES Parade Magazine and The Family Circus “The Nines” Background Similar to “Go” in form…three separate storylines intersect and connect with one another. Big Questions the film focuses on: “What are the responsibilities of a creator to his creation…when can s/he walk away?” The movie is very informed by videogames and reality television. Much of Part II (the Reality TV section) was inspired by John August’s experiences trying to put together a failed TV show for the W.B entitled “D.C.” As a result, a lot of the interactions and dialogue in Part II are somewhat improvisatory…August just let the actors play off one another on the general subject matter and filmed the results (often in 2 or 3 takes) The idea of INTERNAL RHYMING (themes, memes, words and images that are repeated again and again in various contexts within a movie) is important. Likewise, the relationship between the character of Ryan Reynolds and Melissa McCarthy is inspired by John August’s real life relationship with McCarthy. Throughout the film, Ryan Reynolds plays a version of John August. He chose to make Koalas the number 8 animal because “dolphins are too played out.” Premiered at one theatre in LA and one in NYC…bought by New Market at Sundance. “The Nines” Camera Formatting/Effects Part I: Shot in Super 16 mm Part II: Shot on Standard Definition Video (to capture the “Reality TV” essence) Part III: Shot in 35 mm
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The important “flight over LA” scene at the end: begins with CGI, then the shot above the house/over LA/to the edge of the ocean was done from a helicopter (using a lens with a distorted edge to make it appear less real) and then CGI was used again to create the flight over the sea. Shooting in LA Film was shot AT HIS HOUSE = NO COST He continually urged the crew to work with only the most minimal equipment needed to get the job done in order to create a more intimate set feeling. Stored equipment in his garage
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Film_Class_Notes - "The Nines John August(writer/director...

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