A first job is an interesting thing

A first job is an interesting thing - A first job is an...

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A first job is an interesting thing, It is an experience that one will reflect back to and remember for a life time. My first job was at a small, Italian family owned, grocery store called Farmland. Farmland is located at the heart of my hometown of Wakefield Massachusetts, right in the middle of Main street. It is a place that my family and I frequented often, long before I worked there. Looking back it is hard to believe how much my opinion of Farmland’s employees and Farmland as a whole had changed from before I worked there until after. I remember being excited when I turned sixteen. I was now old enough to get a real after school job. I was not old enough to drive quite yet so I applied at a few stores and restaurants within walking distance from my house. I was so excited when I got a call to come in for an interview at Farmland. It seemed like such a nice place to work and I was excited to earn some money of my own. I went in for an interview with Cathy, my soon to be boss. She was the daughter of the owners of Farmland. She was a friendly looking woman in her early fourties but coming to interview with her she wasn’t as friendly as she looked. She had a way about her that could make one feel very uncomfortable and I could tell that she was not someone who I wanted on my bad side and this became more true as my time went on at Farmland. I was very excited when I got the job, it seemed perfect. I didn’t really know what to expect. I was told by Cathy to come back in one week to pick up my work shirt and that I would start working right when I got out of school for summer. When I went in to retrieve my work clothes there were four other kids that all seemed around my age in her office that came to get their uniforms as well. There was Dave and Mike who went to the
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same highschool as me. Dave was in my grade but I had never really talked to him before because he always came of as somewhat of a Jerk and Mike was in the grade below me so I had never really known him either. There were also two girls, Meaghan and Michelle. Meaghan lived in my town but went to a private high school so and Michelle lived in a town next to me. It is interesting how these strangers eventually became some of my closest friends. I worked at Farmland for a little under three years as a cashier. I would have to
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A first job is an interesting thing - A first job is an...

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