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Samantha Struthers Writing 2 - Samantha Struthers Writing 2...

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Samantha Struthers Writing 2 Paper 1 March 25, 2008 In the early 1800’s there were not many jobs available and those that were, were un-safe and low paying jobs. However, many people would risk their safety at a dangerous job in order to make ends meet. The iron mills and the factories in Lowell, Massachusetts are two examples of these dangerous work places. These two work places were both very low paying, unsafe jobs with horrible working conditions but many people, ecspecially women worked long days at these factories and mills in order to earn money to support themselves. Two texts from American Working Class bye Nicholas Coles and Janet Zandy helped me to notice the differences and similarities between working in the Iron Mills and working in the factories in Lowell, Massachusetts. These texts I used were “A Second Peep at Factory Life” (pp 48) and “Life in the Iron-Mills” (pp 114). From the beginning of both texts one can tell right away that the Iron mills and Lowell factories were both gloomy places to work. These work places are describes as dark, dirty, and loud. The description of the machinery and the other surroundings in the mills and factory sound dangerous and it is hard to
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believe that people were allowed to work in such conditions. Josephine L. Baker’s “A Second Peep at Factory Life” really brought to light the working conditions in the Lowell Mills. The ways in which the mills in Lowell are described makes it difficult to believe that anyone would want to work there regardless of how much money they recieved. This textile mill is described as “subterranean
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Samantha Struthers Writing 2 - Samantha Struthers Writing 2...

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