ESSAY 2 - Yang 1 Call Me God As human beings we learn to...

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Yang 1 Call Me God As human beings, we learn to accept, interpret, and analyze information differently. With this said, there are an infinite number points of views. These points of views have a multitude of meaning. Such multitudes possess a universe of meaning. A universe of meaning can help us understand different interpretations and different points of views. With out ability to accept different points of views, it allows us to analyze. For example, we can analyze the symbol of food. Food contains meaning like hope, hunger, or even life. A character type like a vulnerable child can be viewed as weak or even naïve. Finally, themes are ideas present in a piece of literature that can establish a sense of tone. In The New Colossus, by Emma Lazarus, she argues that human beings envision themselves as saviors. Robert Graves The Naked and the Nude, depicts a love between a god and goddess. Thomas Gray’s Sonnet on the Death of Richard West greets death. This individual wishes to die because it will allow him to achieve the power of divinity. Finally, if there are any heavens, by E. E. Cummings, tells about a father becoming a higher authority to his offspring. Through these four poems, these narrators question the role of God, but in the end they possess some traits of being a deity. The theme of becoming god is evident. Lazarus argues that individuals associate hardships to saviors. These saviors wish to “send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me/” (line 13). The specific words such as ‘homeless” and “tempest-tossed,” have significant meaning. People that are homeless have no foundations. These foundations are a basic need. Basic needs are food, water, but most importantly, shelter. Without a safe place for shelter, there is nothing called home.
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Yang 2 Tempest-tossed refer to people that are caught up in a storm. These heavy storms could be physical bad weather such as hurricanes or typhoons. With events of nature, victims can turn to other people for help. Unfortunately, tempest-tossed could also mean people fighting with their own personal storms. Any individual in distress can find help. This evidence can be translated that some human beings are not well off as others. While the homeless and tempest-tossed turn to a savior, this is also called religion. It also reveals that we make the unfortunate believe we can help them. Saviors do not have to be Jesus Christ, but someone that can temporarily relieve distress. This world view is exemplified by our nation’s worst disaster. Hurricane Katrina disrupted the lives of millions. To this day, we bring people a glimpse of hope. This effect has a positive effect on the world because we engage in violence. We do believe in humanity. After extending the helping hand, Lazarus chooses to “life my lamp beside the
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ESSAY 2 - Yang 1 Call Me God As human beings we learn to...

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