4-Extensions of Mendel's Principles

4-Extensions of Mendel's Principles - Extensions of...

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Extensions of Mendel's Principles Chapter 5 Lucky Little Greggie 0. 7 traits – all on different chromosomes or linkage groups 1. all completely expressed 2. all dominant or recessive – nothing in-between SIMPLE MENDELIAN INHERITANCE 3. What about all the other inheritance patterns which defy this "simple" classification? Thinking about Dominance 0. Complete Dominance 0. Heterozygote and Homozygote give same phenotype o Incomplete Dominance 1. Heterozygote have phenotype in- between the phenotypes of the two homozygotes 4. Codominance 0. Heterozygotes have phenotypes of BOTH homozygotes Lethal Alleles 5. An allele that causes death at an early age of development 6. First examined in 1905 by Lucien Cuenot as he looked at coat color in mice 1. Yellow x yellow gave 0. 2/3 yellow 1. 1/3 non yellow 2. Never obtained true breeding yellow 2. Test cross of yellow figure 5.4, p.105
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Multiple alleles or Allelic Series 1. More than two alleles are available to contribute to a phenotype 2. Each individual still has only two alleles 3. Example - Blood type I A , I B and i I A and I B are codominant to each other and both are dominant over i • figure 5.6, p.107 Paternity and Blood Types 2. Charlie Chaplin v. Joan Barry
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4-Extensions of Mendel's Principles - Extensions of...

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