RPch1 - Reflection Paper for Chapter One The first chapter...

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Reflection Paper for Chapter One The first chapter is primarily about the biological aspect of adolescence; from puberty to young adulthood. It begins by explaining the endocrine system and its relationship to puberty. The endocrine system regulates hormones. This leads to the concept of the “set point” which is the body’s attempt to maintain a balanced level of hormones, like androgen and estrogen. During puberty, these sex hormones are released by the gonads which are regulated by the pituitary gland which is controlled by the hypothalamus. All of these work together in a system known as the “HPG axis”. Next the textbook talks about possible reasons for the onset of puberty. One logical reason is the fat cell, leptin, and its role. Overweight girls tend to start puberty earlier whereas underweight girls tend to be late bloomers. Next the book presents information on the physical changes that occur during adolescence. The “peak height velocity”, time at which the teen is growing fastest, is around age twelve for girls and around age fourteen for boys, on average. Another gender difference in terms of appearance during adolescence is that boys grow more muscle and lose some of their baby fat while girls have a muscle-to- fat ratio of 5 to 4. For boys, the muscle-to-fat ratio is 3 to 1. That is a marked difference. The text suggests that this increase in muscle in adolescent males is the reason why they perform better, on
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RPch1 - Reflection Paper for Chapter One The first chapter...

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