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1 History 1103 Dr. Belmonte 2 February 2006 Speaking of America Assignment #2 Section 4.1 –Thomas Jefferson Calls for Religious Freedom in Virginia (1786). 1.) The main objectives of Jefferson’s bill are to separate the church and state. He explains that people should be able to believe in any religion and not be punished or rewarded by the government ( Belmonte 103). And in the third section his objective is to make sure people know not to repeal this act because it is a “natural right” to believe in what you would like (103). 2.) Jefferson opposes state-sponsored religion because everyone has a free mind and can’t be forced into believing in a certain religion (102). He also thinks it is wrong to force people to pay money for a religion in which they have no faith (102). I think that Jefferson’s arguments are very persuasive, and it seems kind of ridiculous that this went on for so long. It is almost unimaginable to me that the government could make all of these people conform and get them to participate in a religion that they didn’t choose. These days people are not even suppose to pray in public high schools. 3.) I do believe that church and state should be separate. I do think people can go overboard sometimes about making the two completely separate, but that is why public schools have after school organizations that religious people can participate in. People should get to choose whatever religion they want or even none at all. I agree with Jefferson when he says that forcing people to participate “corrupt[s] the principle of that very religion it is meant to encourage…” (103). Section 4.2 –The Northwest Ordinance (1787)
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2 1.) A territory could become a state after 60,000 people were in the total population (104). Once there were 5000 free adult men in a territory they could elect a representative (105). This really provided people with more of a say in the government. The Northwest Ordinance’s major provision was the freedom it gave to the inhabitants of the territories. 2.) The government must grant the citizens many rights. Article 1 explains the church and state separation (106). Article 3 says that education will be encouraged and that mistreatment of the Indians is not acceptable (106). Article 6 forbids “involuntary servitude” and “slavery” (107). All of those rights given to the people in the States is significant because it’s a sign of freedom and equality. These things are something in which those in the U.S. still pride themselves. 3.) Land ownership and westward expansion were important in creating the U.S. because it did indeed unite the states. It was also very important because once a territory gained 60,000 people then it could become a State (104). More people would create a better economy. Section 4.3 –General Benjamin Lincoln Recalls Shay’s Rebellion (1786)
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SpeakingofAmerica#2 - 1 History 1103 Dr Belmonte 2 February...

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