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Study Guide: Final Exam, ENG 181 – AU07 Computer storage devices will be not be allowed into the exam room and no resources outside the room (including the internet may be used). The exam will be closed book. Straight edges are optional for the drawings, but in any event drawings should be neat. The final exam will consist of five sections: - Inventor object creation and layout problem (25%) - Inventor dimensioning problem (20%) - Missing view problem (20%) - Sectioning (15%) - Short lab based questions (20%) Skills: Inventor: Create an object in Inventor from a dimensioned isometric drawing. Be able to plan creation of the object as a series of features. Be able to use dimensioning and constraints to completely define a sketch for each feature and then extrude. Be able to make a set of orthographic projections in their standard locations on a 2-D drawing sheet from your created object. Be able to print in Landscape mode using Print Preview.
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Unformatted text preview: • Given an object with an existing set of orthographic views on a drawing sheet, be able to completely dimension it following the rules of good dimensioning. Visualization: • Know the conventional layout of an orthographic drawing. • Be able to draw an isometric of an object given that one view is missing from a set of orthographic views. • Be able to then fill in the missing view. Sectioning: • Given a top and right side view, be able to construct a full section, a half section, an offset section, or a broken section of the object. Lab materials: • Know about the manufacturing processes discussed during the Camera Labs. • Know the concepts used in the Transport and Camera Labs, e.g. Laminar vs. Turbulent Flow, Forms of Heat Transport, Vital Capacity, How the Kodak Camera and Circuits Work. • Know the functions and uses of the instrumentation used in the Bike, Transport Phenomena, and Camera Labs...
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