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Throughout my research, I have found that global warming and climate change are defined as two different problems. Global warming refers to melting, sea levels, famines, and agricultural droughts. Climate change touches on more regional weather events. In my discussion post, I will address global warming. It is easy to point fingers and say, “you are not doing enough” or “we should have done this”, but if the world is not careful future generations might be left saying, “how did this happen to us?” The ocean is made up of several layers including the continental shelf, sea trench, and continental slope. Oceans have absorbed about 20 times as much heat as the atmosphere over the past half-century, leading to higher temperatures not only in surface waters but also in water 1,500 feet below the surface. The notion of using saline soils to solve hunger and irrigation problems is worth looking into. A large number of species thrive along the seacoast inundated occasionally by seawater and a wealth of flora exists in the sea itself. These plants are called halophytes.
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