BIOL 103 Germination Report

BIOL 103 Germination Report - to make a 4% solution. We...

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1 Brian Opp Biology 103 Class Data Report Seth Burdick In Biology 103 lab, we treated seeds with different concentrations of salt/other solutions and allowed them to germinate. The duration of the lab lasting one week and we recorded the class data accordingly. In my group, we used black-eye peas for a seed and Miracle Grow for a solution. As a group, we hypothesized that the Miracle Grow will increase the rate of growth and aid the black-eye peas. Immediately, we gathered four cups of solutions labeled 0%, 1%, 4%, and 10%. To make a 10% solution, we added 10 grams of NaCl (table salt) to the beaker and then added RO water to the 100ml mark. We poured 50ml of this solution in the 10% cup. We were left with 50ml of a 10% solution in the beaker. From there, we calculated the volume in ml of RO water
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Unformatted text preview: to make a 4% solution. We were left with 25ml of the 4% solution, we calculated the volume of water needed to make a 1% solution. We came up with a final volume of 100ml and 75ml needed to make a 1% solution. We finally poured 50ml RO water into the 0% cup and obtained 50 seeds to germinate. We placed the seeds on germination paper and in sandwich bags and allowed them to grow for a week. 2 In conclusion, I was impressed by how the Miracle Grow affected germination. The Miracle Grow also made a significant change in the sweet pod experiment. All of the Black Eyed peas germinated in 0% and 4% concentrations, which backed my groups hypothesis. I believe these seeds would be considered semi-tolerant to the solute. No seeds germinated at 1% and only four germinated at 10%....
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BIOL 103 Germination Report - to make a 4% solution. We...

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