Organopalladium Chemistry

Organopalladium Chemistry - J Org Chem 1993 58 5403-5406...

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R' RX + N R SiR' 3 + R R' MeN OH OH O H H I Li N R SiR 3 OC(O)NHR OH O O O O OTf O Shair (–)-Morphine Chem 215 Lecture 8: Organopalladium Chemistry for Strategic Bond Construction Monday, October 15, 2007 Reading Assignment: Prepare for Exam I. SANROS pp 212-215, 310-311, 402-403, 424-425, 438-439, 448-449. Partial List of Topics Discussed: Organopalladium Chemistry for Strategic Bond Construction References: (+)-Camptothecin: Comins, D. L.; Nolan, J. M. Org. Lett. 2001 , 3 , 4255-4257. (–)-Morphine: Hong, C. Y.; Kado, N.; Overman, L. E. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1993 , 115 , 11028-00129. Hong, C. Y.; Overman, L. E. Tetrahedron Lett. 1994 , 35 , 3453-3456. Scopadulcic acid A: Kucera, D. J.; O'Connor, S. J.; Overman, L.E.
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Unformatted text preview: J. Org. Chem. 1993 , 58 , 5403-5406. Fox, M. E.; Li, C.; Marino, J. P.; Overman, L. E. 1999 , 121 , 5467-5480. Graphical Transform Guide: Syntheses Discussed: Partial List of Transforms Covered: The Heck Reaction Iodine Trapping of Organolithium Intermediates Addition of Allyl Silanes to Iminium Ions 1,3 Addition of Silyl Cuprates to Allyl Carbamates Decarboxylation of β-Keto Carboxylates Allylic Oxidation with Chromium (VI) Reagents McMurry's Reagent (Comins' Modified McMurry Reagent) R R Me O H Me HO 2 C H O O HO Scopadulcic acid A N N O O O HO Me (+)-Camptothecin...
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