euthanasia - "You matter because you are you You matter to...

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“You matter because you are you You matter to the last moment of your life, And we will do all we can, Not only to help you die peacefully, But also to live until you die.” (Dame Cicely Saunders, founder of Hospice) How can a person die peacefully if he is suffering from an incurable disease which is extremely painful? But for some, dying before an illness itself kills a man, is even more unacceptable. So here comes the debate. Some people argue that Euthanasia (which is the act or practice of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy) should not be practiced while others argue that it should be made legal. This topic is important because “Euthanasia is quite literally a life-or-death question, stirring passionate feelings on all sides” (Worsnop). There has been a continuously growing concern over this issue since the past few years. In his essay, ‘The Ethics of Euthanasia’, Lawrence J. Schneiderman has talked about similar issues. He has argued that Euthanasia should remain illegal. But it is not possible to agree with him. Contrary to what he argues, Euthanasia should be practiced because it is not an inhumane act. Schneiderman says, “Of all the humane acts physicians perform, euthanasia is the one we do most furtively.”(Schneiderman 581). This statement shows that he feels that Euthanasia is a kind and benevolent act, and it also shows that may be he has performed Euthanasia himself. But still, he argues that it should remain illegal. He has taken such a paradoxical position in a sense that Euthanasia should not be performed in such a way that it becomes a monstrous orgy of evil. He says, “Today, the Euthanasia debate takes
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place under the shadow of Nazi doctors … that was ugly, debasing death. (Schneiderman 582). He argues that physicians commit atrocities for the sake of medical progress. He says, “Didn’t we American Physicians commit atrocities of our own … we can only look back and shake our heads.” (Schneiderman 582). By saying so, he tries to show that he is totally against such evil acts which physicians perform in the name of Euthanasia. So this is the reason why he takes such a paradoxical position. There are however, excerpts from his essay which make his argument weaker and which ultimately make a reader find it difficult to agree with him. He says, “Such a distinction in my view makes no sense, now that medicine has become so powerful that almost any life can be prolonged, however briefly.” (Schneiderman 585). Now this statement would first of all, make a person think that Schneiderman is exaggerating the advancement of medicine. It is obvious that medicine still has not found cures for many diseases and it is not true that any life can be prolonged. Moreover, what is the use of prolonging the life of a person when he is suffering from an incurable disease and he has to die ultimately? In fact, it means even more pain and suffering.
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euthanasia - "You matter because you are you You matter to...

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