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Chapter 5 notes - Chapter 5: Consumer Behavior Consumer...

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Chapter 5: Consumer Behavior Consumer Behavior : Actions that a person takes in purchasing and using products and services’, including the mental and social processes that come before and after these actions Consmer Purchase Decision Process Purchase Decision Process : 1) Problem recognition (a trigger that sets of a need/desire): An example of this would be a high school student realizing that his/her wardrobe was outdated 2) Information Seeking (doing research for desired product or service; seeking value) Internal Search: Examining your previous experiences for information; this type of decision is usually minute in nature External Search: When the risk of making a bad decision is high, previous knowledge is not enough, and the cost of gathering necessary information is low. Primary sources include: Personal sources (friends, relatives), public sources (magazines, internet), and marketer dominated sources (information from sellers) 3) Alternative Evaluation (what are other ways you could get the product or service; assessing value): Considering evaluation criteria, brand image, and developing customer value perceptions Evaluation Criteria: represent the objective attributes (availability of product), of a brand and the subject ones (image) Consideration Set: The group of brands that a consumer would consider acceptable in all the available products within the industry 4) Purchase Decision (Purchasing the desired product or service; buying value): Who do you buy from, and When do you buy?
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5) Post-purchase Behavior (Value in consumption or use; cognitive dissonance): How will a company alleviate post-purchase anxiety Involvement and Problem-Solving Variations Involvement : the level of involvement in the consumer purchase decision process is dependent upon the personal, social, and economic impact of the product/service on the
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Chapter 5 notes - Chapter 5: Consumer Behavior Consumer...

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