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history 3 - Chapter 2 1 The influx of English colonists to...

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Chapter 2 1. The influx of English colonists to the New World was cause by a number of things. England expanded from about 3.5 million to more than 5 million. The expansion strained the nation’s agrarian economy. There was competition for food and land which drove up prices and people were desperate to find work. So in order to look for a better life they started to immigrate to the New World. Others colonized in the New World because they wanted to find a purer form of religion or worship. For the majority though people wanted to own land and improve their social position. Many poor people had no choice but to give the new world a try so they migrated over. (pg31-32 The American Story) 2. Jamestown was so unsuccessful because it had low-lying and it proved to be disease ridden death traps even the water was contaminated with salt. (Pg34) The Colony and the entire Virginia Company was saved by purchasing land in Virginia. They sold the land at 12 pounds which was about a year’s worth of work for a poor person.
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