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revised bio study guide - Chapter 14: Genetics-law of...

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Chapter 1: Exploring Life -scientific method -emergent properties/reductionism Chapter 2: Chemical Context of Life -structure of atoms -bonds Chapter 3: Water -properties of water -pH levels Chapter 4: Carbon - functional groups -hydrocarbon -carbon bonding Chapter 5: Macromolecules -dehydration/hydrolysis -carbohydrates -lipids -proteins -nucleic acids Chapter 6: Cells - eukaryotic vs. prokaryotic -structures/functions Chapter 7: Membranes -lipid bilayer -active/passive transport -exo/endocytosis Chapter 8: Metabolism - Gibbs free energy -ATP -enzymes Chapter 9: Cellular Respiration - Fermentation -glycolysis -Krebs (citric acid) cycle -chemiosmosis Chapter 10: Photosynthesis -light reactions -dark reactions -chemiosmosis Chapter 12: Mitosis -phases -results Chapter 13: Meiosis -phases -results -independent assortment, crossing over, synapsis
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 14: Genetics-law of independent assortment-law of segregation-extensions genetic disorders and stuff Chapter 15: Genes on Chromosomes-review Chapter 16: DNA-DNA experiments-bacteriophages Chapter 17: Transcription/Translation-process of transcription-process of translation-RNA modification Chapter 18: Viruses and Bacteria-prokariotic genetic variation (transduction and stuff)-plasmids-operons Chapter 19: Eukaryotic Genomes-gene expression Chapter 22: Darwin-People who helped darwin-natural selection (descent with modification)-artificial selection Chapter 23: Mendel and Darwin-variation in populations -Hardy-Weinberg (forces) Chapter 24: Species-patters of speciation-modes of speciation-tempo of evolution-speciation barriers Chapter 26: Macroevolution-novel features...
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revised bio study guide - Chapter 14: Genetics-law of...

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