Paper - Ryan Cottrell La Guardia Final Paper Christianity,...

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Ryan Cottrell Final Paper La Guardia Christianity, Judaism, Islam . These three religions all share very similar properties . They share the same monotheistic belief, they all live by more or less the same rules, they have the same basic place of origin, and their stories are all quite the same . These three basic religions all stemmed from the stories of paganism. For example the pagan ritual for celebrating the birth of the sun god was December Twenty-Fifth, the same day for the said-birth of the Christian messiah, Jesus Christ, coincidence? The Greeks, Roman, Mesopotamians, the Egyptians and other great ancient cultures shared the basic pagan religion . Their stories of worship, great cultural triumph, and growth are the basis of the great religions of today . Everyone knows the great story of the Ten Commandments from the book of Exodus from the bible . Hardly anyone knows of the Hammurabi’s code from Mesopotamia or the Twelve Tables from Rome . Hammurabi’s code is the first known recorded statement of laws . These laws range from the punishments for murder and stealing to adultery, lying, and slavery . For each felony or misdemeanor there is a just punishment that revokes justice or fines to the kingdom . Just as the Ten Commandments the judgment is left to the gods, either through death or they are cast in a river where their lives are determined by a higher power . The Roman Twelve tables are also a set of laws used to govern
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Paper - Ryan Cottrell La Guardia Final Paper Christianity,...

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