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Ryan Cottrell Final Paper Gitlitz Samuel Huntington was the writer of “The Clash of Civilizations” . This work was at the time viewed as revolutionary, people believed that his view of the post cold-war world was dead-on and that we should now look at how the world is shaping . Huntington wrote in this apocalyptic proposition that the world would be re-shaped by cultural conflicts . He used several present examples to try to show that the world was doomed to world wars all because of cultural differences . This close minded opinion shows the world through a tunnel vision outlook that neglects key facts . His incorrect thoughts process could lead to disaster if shared with world leaders . Huntington believed that the world would surely end with cultures going head to head and starting wars, cutting alliances, and completely cutting these countries out . In his opinion it was happening right now . He coined the nations of Islam, the Sin´ic nations, Western Cultures, and Latin America . He believed that the conflicts we were having all stemmed from the U .S. involvement in international affairs. He believes we created resentment with our brutish and pushy influence . In Huntington’s paper he gives the example of the Bosnian conflict . He says that this split into fault line where all the different sides fought to gain control and spread their ideas and cultures . He brought up that the Muslim group in Bosnia tried to get support from other Islamic Cultures around the world, including the U .S. This outreach was supposed to show the cultures consolidating to fight adversaries .
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Final Paper - Ryan Cottrell Gitlitz Final Paper Samuel...

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